Thank you for your interest in the Alamo Kiwanis Club. Along with the countless joys and increased self worth that membership brings, there are also responsibilities and duties to both the club and the community.

Membership in Alamo Kiwanis in a broad sense requires individuals with the time, talent and means to give back to both the club and to the community in which we live and serve. Our club more specifically needs and desires business, professional and high ideal minded individuals to fulfill our mission statement, “To raise money for children in need”.

As an Alamo Kiwanis Club member you may expect to receive many benefits, some of which are:

  • Developing working relationships with leading professionals within our community
  • Strengthening your leadership skills
  • Effecting a positive change in the community
  • Sharpening your empathy awareness and insight to the needs of others
  • Achieving goals through role model actions
  • Gaining awareness of Global Humanitarian issues through Kiwanis International

The club meets weekly to conduct club business, catch up on each other’s news and enjoy invited guest speakers. Attendance, while not required, is strongly encouraged as all members are expected to take an active role in the Club’s activities. Each member is required to work shifts at our major fundraisers like Fiesta Noche Del Rio. This requires each member to work in shifts for a total minimum of approximately 8 hours. In addition, each member is required to serve on at least one of the Club’s thirteen committees: Membership, Program, Entertainment, Key Club, Corporate Sponsorships, Attendance, By-Laws, Finance, Interclub, Roster and Website, Youth Services and Fiesta Noche del Rio. Dues total approximately $1,000 per year which includes weekly lunches and some special events. There is a one time $100 new member fee.